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Alchemy Lending as a Service provides a full end to end lending experience. From lending technology platform to analytics to portfolio management.

Portfolio management is key to our client’s success story. Monitoring and reporting on their portfolio help our clients to understand their process and be able to learn and modify their acquisition approach. We at Alchemy provides the end-to-end service from Platform to Analytics to Servicing. Our clients are ecstatic that we are taking care of their back-office functions while they focus on sales and marketing.

Alchemy Servicing as part of the full lending experience benefits you:

  • Immediate access to a group of highly trained consumer lending specialist that can onboard customers and underwriting loan at the ready.
  • We have compliance officers monitoring every call. All calls are recorded for compliance purposes. We can launch you quickly while you are hiring your team.

The benefit of a ready-to-go team of highly trained and experience lending experts will allow you to launch faster and try out your products before you hire your own team. Let us take on the burden of getting you up and running quickly.

Loan servicing is a highly regulated activity. For our FinTech startup clients, learn from our decades of experience and perfect your own servicing in due time. We can start, train and mentor your team as your servicing arm develops and matures.

Alchemy has a large team of call center staff that’highlygh trained with decades of customer service and underwriting experience under their belt. Before you venture to onboard an expensive set of customer experience professionals, leverage our team to get you started right away. Our Lending as a Service offering will get you launched quickly and efficiently.

All of our scripts, calls and conversations are monitored by our Compliance Officer. All calls are recorded and all emails and communications to our clients end customer are monitored and documented. Our compliance tracking system helps our clients to launch quickly and in the most compliant fashion while they develop their own staff and compliance personnel.

Whilst our client may have their own call center staff. Our team always acts as a backup servicer and overflow servicer in case our client needs additional support. At Alchemy, we have truly thought through all the major pain points of a financial services client and have offerings to help them at every turn. Be it Technology, Analytics or Servicing. Our Lending as a Service offering put our client’s mind at ease.

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