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The hottest area of growth in personal finance is Point of Sale financing. Alchemy has built out several point-of-sale portals specifically designed for student lending and construction loans.

We’ve developed portals that enable each one of your partners, be it universities, installers to onboard and preapprove end users. The Alchemy Point of Sales portal can empower your network of partners to become lenders themselves instantly. However, our client has control of a centralized underwriting and funding functionalities and can see all the leads coming from their entire network.

  • Alchemy Point of Sales portal enables lenders to create an unlimited amount of access points to their network of partners. Our Point of Sale portal enables individual installers office or financial aid advisors to instantly prescreen consumers and onboard them right there in the office or in the field. This technology goes beyond taking applications, the system can underwrite, preapprove, e-sign consent document as well as loan contracts right in front of the client.
  • Many of the FinTech startups are focusing on point of sale or B to B to C strategies. The money goes to the installers, universities as opposed to the individuals. Our platform, point of sale features and payment split functionalities enables the entire process flawlessly. Contact us for a demo. We can launch you within a few months.

Point of Sales is the newest space FinTech startups are thriving. Debt facilities that are funding these loans are also rejoicing because of the risk profile. The money is rarely transferred to the consumers but to the party that’s performing a product or service. Debt facilities see this as a much safer bet than traditional unsecured personal loans.

Our Alchemy Point of Sale system instantly empowers your network to take in applications, pre-screen the customer with automated underwriting rules and have the consumers sign the necessary documents to start the services or have the product delivered. The lender still has the ability to make the final decision if it chooses to fund the loan or manually underwrite the loan.

Our Alchemy Pay in concert with the Point of Sales system will split payments when collecting payments from the consumers. The lender will get their share and the installers will also get their share as each payment comes in from the customers. Lenders and its network will get paid simultaneously so everyone will be taken care of automatically.

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