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We believe in opening our platform to provide the maximum flexibility for our clients to use one or all pieces of the Alchemy Lending Platform. We designed a series of APIs for our clients to integrate with our Loan Originations, Alchemy A.I. or our Loan Management System.

We also created APIs for lenders to send leads directly into our Loan Origination System. We will process these leads in real time and return a decision and notified the customers that have been approved to log into their portal and continue the application process.

In today’s world APIs are everywhere. API is a way for an application to communicate with other application regardless of whether these applications are coded in the same language. It is a bridge of information that can make multiple applications to share information amongst themselves. Alchemy Lending Platform created several APIs for other applications to send in or receive information.

  • Flexibility – Alchemy Lending Platform provides various APIs for our customers to communicate with various aspect of our lending platform. Whether they want to use our LOS (Loan Originations System) or Alchemy A.I. (Decision Engine), we can support various ways our client wants to utilize our platform.
  • Alchemy Lending Platform also provides APIs to take in leads directly from a lead generator, bypassing the website or the mobile app. The Alchemy Lead API will process the lead and qualify the lead in real time and notify the consumer to continue their application should they pass the underwriting process.

Alchemy API is designed to provide our clients with the maximum flexibility to use a little or a lot of our Lending Platform. Sometimes our client’s lending system is tied to other critical parts of their overall process and can’t move to a brand new system altogether. We provide these APIs for the client to start interacting with our system one module at a time. Be it LOS, LMS or the Decision Engine, we can provide these APIs for our clients to use various parts of our system.

Our Decision Engine, Alchemy A.I. can be utilized on its own as a stand-alone module. If our client only wants to use our custom artificial neural network models and use these models through Alchemy A.I. decision engine, our API can support that design and provide model outputs to our clients.

Some of our clients get their leads from online lead generators. As part of our API offerings, we have exposed a lead API. This API is designed to take leads from the customer’s website or their lead generators, bypassing website or mobile app application. The API filters through the leads and qualifies the lead then sends emails to customers to continue their application process.

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