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At the heart of the Alchemy Lending Platform is Alchemy A.I.. The most advanced decision engine that returns decisions from any algorithm within a fraction of a second. Our clients and their end users deserve instant decisions to increase customer satisfaction.

The combination of Alchemy’s lending platform and Alchemy A.I. is a groundbreaking combination that unparalleled. We have the software and technology plus a team of data scientists to constantly evolving our platform and algorithms which we built for our partners.

What is unique about Alchemy’s Lending as a Service offering is that we combine the strength of our lending platform with high-end analytics. Our clients not only get a great operating system to run their lending business, but we also install the brains of the operations with customized models.

  • One of the pain points of banks, lenders and FinTech players alike is to find good data scientists and statisticians to continuously refine their underwriting and pricing strategy. It is hard to retain talent and even harder to refine complex artificial neural network models. Alchemy has a team of highly trained and well-versed statistical modelers with banking and lending experience standing by to help you.
  • Great models need great software to execute. Our modelers and our software engineers work hand in hand to install latest models for our clients constantly. This activity sometimes could take a year with internal resources, however, at Alchemy, it takes just a few hours to install a brand new underwriting model. We believe enabling our clients with the ability to install and test new models and underwriting strategies is the best way to succeed and compete.

A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier in lending. We see A.I. and A.I driven automation in various industries such as retail and manufacturing sector. Banking and Lending industry also deserves to use these latest statistics, mathematics and algorithms to help them understand their prospects better. We’ve implemented a process in which algorithms are constantly being refreshed and installed for our clients. To continuously train and retain our clients model with new data is how we are enabling them to win and compete.

At Alchemy Technology, Inc., we have a team of statisticians, mathematicians and algorithm engineers that work alongside our software engineers to build and implement sophisticated lending models. Alchemy A.I. technology is what sets us apart from the rest. Our clients get our lending technology and gain another team of experts to build a better underwriting model.

Alchemy’s lending platform is modular. We made Alchemy A.I. available as an independent service if our clients only want to use Alchemy A.I. as part of their lending process. Our decision engine is plugged into a variety of credit bureaus and identity services and other third parties that provides banking transactions. Our algorithms take in considerations of thousands of attributes from these data sources to make a comprehensive decision for our clients.

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