Alchemy Brick and Mortar Retail Solution

Alchemy Brick and Mortar Retail Solution has been in the market since 2019. We’ve continuously enhancing our Brick and Mortar solution with newer technology that allows brick and mortar operators to integrate with exciting third party to speed up customer acquisition and in store functionalities.

From connectivities through online lead generators to in branch digital signing. Alchemy has solved some of the most cumbersome processes hampering brick and mortar operator’s growth plans. Our system combines charms of store front operation to today’s online centric environment.

Alchemy Brick and Mortar In Store Digital Signature Functionality

Our unique approach to Brick and Mortar lending software is customer centricity. We think about various ways a customer could potential engage with a brick and mortar operator and create a unique process for customers to apply, get funding and make payments.

  • One of the main features of our product is complete online lending integration. Most of the brick and mortar lenders are using two systems. One for online lending and another for brick and mortar operations. Alchemy’s Brick and Mortar solution is built from ground up with Online and In-Person experienced combined into one. A customer can start their application online and finish it in branch and vice versa, seamlessly.
  • Alchemy’s Brick and Mortar software also allows brick and mortar operators to originate customers from all marketing channels. Our integration with online lead generators provide a powerful way of acquisition customers and connect them into a brick and mortar location. Alchemy’s Brick and Mortar software is integrated with Alchemy A.I. solution that underwrite online customers instantaneously and present them with the closest branch location.

Alchemy’s Brick and Mortar retail solution combines powerful online acquisition software with in branch operations to create a unique experience both for customers looking for credit as well as branch personnels to operate with the most efficient manner. From managing online lead buy to cash drawer opening and closing, we’ve built the entire solution from scratch. No longer would you have to bounce from one system to another. You can manage your online customer and in branch customers in one solution.

With Alchemy’s Brick and Mortar solution, a customer can comfortably apply from the safety of their homes and pick up a check at the nearest retail location. If they choose to complete their experience online, the Alchemy Brick and Mortar Retail Solution can simply push their funds right through their debit card in and instant. Our customized solution provides a powerful tool for store front managers to manage, contact and complete a contract on a cloud based solution anywhere in the world.

Alchemy’s Brick and Mortar Retail Solution is a complete cloud based solution. You can operate your stores anywhere and we can help you to expand your locations instantly. If you want to build micro-branches in major metro area without spending a fortune on construction, the Alchemy software can be operated on a mobile phone. You can leverage the power of that human connection and onboard customers on the street, from a booth or temporary spaces anywhere.

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