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End-to-End Lending Platform Experience

Alchemy offers a full range of lending as a service offering. Starting with our end-to-end white labelled lending platform. It is designed to launch your lending product quickly and effectively.

Our lending solution is also purpose-built for specialty financing FinTech clients in areas of mechanics financing, construction loans, and student lending. With Alchemy A.I., we have a team of data scientists that build state of the art Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent algorithms that have demonstrated effectiveness in a variety of lending verticals.

Alchemy Lending Platform is a robust end-to-end lending platform that serves as the operating system for many of the FinTech lenders today.

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Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing our world. Banking, Financial Services and especially FinTech startups are starting to embrace A.I. Alchemy A.I. is the decision engine that drives the next generations of lenders.

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Point of Sale verticals is the next evolution in lending. Whether you want to expand into point-of-sale financing or starting new products in construction loans. Alchemy PoS (Point of Sale) solution enables your partners to underwrite in real time in front of their clients.

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Alchemy payment gateway works with a variety of banks and payment processors. Whether we use NACHA or API, all payments and reversals are automated. Our payment system also allows for split transactions so your Point of Sales partners gets paid in real time.

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Alchemy’s lending platform is modular. You can use any part of the platform with an easy to use Alchemy APIs for your integration. Whether you want to preserve your own servicing platform or starting with our Alchemy A.I. technology, we can help you to develop those plug and play end points.

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In addition to technology and analytics. We have a group of highly trained lending experts that can help you with customer service, underwriting and portfolio management. This group of lending specialists can help you quickly launch your portfolio.

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