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Alchemy welcomes Edward Rado

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by Alchemy

Alchemy today announces Edward Rado is joining to become the next Full Stack Engineer. Alchemy is a world-class fintech infrastructure company with implementations in the U.S. and Mexico in personal lending, point of sales financing, and "Buy Now Pay Later" space.

As our customer base grew exponentially in recent months and we are hiring additional engineers to meet this need. Today there are tons of consumer retail companies waking up to the fact that they can create their own financing options to do more deals, sell more products and services.

They are no longer bound by licensing and software. FinTech infrastructures such as Alchemt are enabling these companies to become their own financing company. Private equities and Wall Street are also demanding direct access to consumer retail companies.

Alchemy has completely commoditized the “Tech” within FinTech. We are lowering the cost of entry with state of the art lending operating system that’s private labeled and can easily plug into any company’s technology infrastructure.

Edward comes to us with a few years of development experience at, He also studied and interned at Geekbrains University in 2017.

Edward is familiar with React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, CSS, and HTML. He’s already adding a lot of value to many of our projects since he started his career at Alchemy. The team has learned to depend on him to deliver key projects and milestones. We have a lot to learn from Edward

Edward is already a favorite amongst the staff and we are extremely lucky to have him. We look forward to work on many interesting and challenging projects with him in the near future.

Team Alchemy