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Alchemy welcomes Alex Zaichenko

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by Alchemy

Alchemy today announces Alex Zaichenko is joining to become our Quality Assurance Engineer. Alchemy is a world-class fintech infrastructure company with implementations in the U.S. and Mexico in personal lending, point of sales financing, and "Buy Now Pay Later" space.

As our customer base grew exponentially in recent quarters, our codebase has increased as well. To manage regression testing for each client with our daily code release schedule, we needed to bring in more experienced quality control engineers to work closely with our development staff as well as our customers.

To that end, we increased our Quality Assurance group with multiple hires and Alex is one of those core hires we’ve made recently.

Alex also manages a non-profit organization called BeQA, which helps to train those with disabilities to learn a new skillset in quality assurance. We

Alex has over 10 years of quality assurance experience and has worked across Europe and for companies located in North America. Alex has brought to us a whole new level of professionalism and framework when it comes to testing.

Alex is well trained in cybersecurity, automated testing as well as various certificates in software quality test/engineering and quality assurance.

He’s already a favorite amongst our development staff. We very much appreciate him being part of the Alchemy family.

We found Alex through our virtual HR partner AWWCOR once again. Thanks to their team’s dedication, we were able to quickly assemble an additional workforce around the clock to fulfill our customer needs.

Team Alchemy