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Alchemy Partners with Skeps to Build FinTech Infrastructure Ecosystem with Blockchain Technology

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by Alchemy

Alchemy Technologies, (“Alchemy”) a leading fintech infrastructure development company partners with Skeps, a decentralized marketplace for consumer loans built on blockchain technology. Together, Alchemy and Skeps are redefining a new category in FinTech infrastructure.
FinTech infrastructure has been a focal point of the latest fintech ecosystem development. Infrastructure players are enablers, delivering software as a service (SaaS) solution to banks, financial services companies, retailers and FinTech startups to easily launch their product without the heavy cost and time spent on building software otherwise leased at a much affordable price point.

The value FinTech infrastructure players such as Alchemy and Skeps bring is in two folds. First, we alleviate the need of hiring internal engineering development talents that are often hard to find, let alone engineers with deep-rooted fintech experiences. Second, our cloud solutions and blockchain technology reduce operational cost in terms of technology spent by a wide margin.

“Working together with SKEPS engineers has been a wonderful experience. Our vision and goals are completely aligned in helping our merchants get approval for financing options that their end-users need — all this in a fraction of a second without lengthy and disaggregated user experience,” said Timothy Li, CEO of Alchemy. “Alchemy and Skeps also deliver a massive improvement by removing our clients from hosting underwriting criterion and decision engine. The result is fully qualified end consumers that are ready to e-sign.”

Skeps is a decentralized marketplace for consumer loans. The platform enables financial institutions and merchants to collaborate to find the best loan option for their customers. The blockchain technology prevents the dissemination of any confidential information.

“Alchemy is building a great user experience for merchants and the end-users. Skeps is working with lenders to identify qualified customers before delivering the approved customers to the lenders,” said Mayank Tewari, Co-founder of Skeps. “Through our collaboration, we create a seamless experience for consumers, merchants and lenders, while eliminating the need for heavy infrastructure from both sides of the platform. Working together as a team drives value by lowering the cost for merchants and lenders, enabling them to focus on qualified customers,” adds Prerit Srivastava, Co-founder of Skeps.

About Alchemy

Alchemy Technologies is a world first fintech infrastructure company offering out-of-the-box technology, algorithms, and servicing to launch financial products for Banks, Specialty Financing Companies, Point of Sale Financing, and FinTech startups alike. Our leasing solution reduces the barrier to entry and brings tremendous value both in our software and industry know-how. Our end-to-end infrastructure offering includes end user experience, merchant experience, loan origination system, decision engine, loan management system, payment gateways, and secondary market access. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Skeps

Skeps is a decentralized marketplace for loan lenders, connecting loan seekers to underwriters in a secure way. Using our private blockchain network, merchants can display personalized financing options to their customers. Our robust network also makes it easier for lenders to boost their loan disbursements with pre-qualified leads. During the entire process, both merchants and lenders are able to maintain complete confidentiality of their customer data. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.