Alchemy launches Small Business Lending Platform to fully automate Commercial Lending Process

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by Jamal Dessouky

Alchemy enters the commercial lending space with a fully embedded financing software to help commercial and small business lenders automatically approve applicants through our integrated decision engine and servicing platform

Small Business Lending Landscape

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) are the backbone of the world economy. They play a major role in economic development, job creation, and innovation. Furthermore, SMEs create up to 50% of employment worldwide and represent almost 90% of commerce worldwide.

According to research, entrepreneurs and business owners will create over 600 million jobs in the next 10 years which will consist of 70% of new jobs around the globe.

Small Business Financing

Today, small business owners are less likely to receive funding from large national or international banks. Instead, they rely on their own savings to bootstrap their business.

According to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), there are 65 million small businesses or 40% of all SMEs in the world who have unmet financing needs. In other words, small business owners need funding to give them the boost they need to grow and expand their business.

Credit Information Infrastructure and Software Platform

There are many emerging markets such as Latin America, that have started to explore credit information infrastructure where lenders and financing companies can underwrite small businesses by accessing the SME’s credit history and banking transactions.

Alchemy along with other partners in Latin America and around the world have built white labeled software that can help launch lending companies to start offering much needed financing products for millions of SMEs worldwide.

Identity Verification

Alchemy has assisted in developing government backed lending systems and automated crucial elements of the small business lending decision points.

To properly underwrite a small business, the lending software must be able to automatically verify the small business’s corporate information as well as the true owner’s personal identity. We can automatically verify all small business owners’ personal identity to provide a high level of confidence that these applicants are using their identity.

Cash Flow and Account Receivables

Cash flow is another critical element of SME lending underwriting decision. Identity verification, personal and corporate credit tells us the history and behavior of the business, but it may not necessarily tell us the current financial health of the business.

Alchemy has integrated with partners such as Codat and Plaid, which offer a deep dive into a company’s cash flow and financial stability.

Alchemy Launches SME Lending SaaS Platform

We’ve spent years perfecting our automated application process, decision engine, and workflows that allows lenders to negotiate with their borrowers before a final offer is signed.

Our powerful loan management system can manage line of credit, installment loans, and revenue-based repayment structures.

The Alchemy lending system covers repayments, payment reminders, and collections modules to help lenders to stay on top of their portfolio and investment.

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