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Shawn Kennedy joined Alchemy in 2018 as the Chief Executive Officer of Alchemy Technolgoy, Inc. Shawn successfully launched Alchemy in late 2018 after completing the launch of 3 Lending-as-a-Service clients.

Shawn is an accomplished entrepreneur and attorney, with seventeen years of experience in the technology and legal industries.

Shawn is the CEO of Alchemy, a financial technology company with an innovative, cloud-based lending software platform. Prior to joining Alchemy, he founded eDepoze, a legal technology company delivering paperless deposition software to law firms across the country.

He also is the principal attorney of Modera Legal, a law firm specializing in complex business litigation and counseling technology and other start-ups on a broad range of legal and business issues. Shawn has particular expertise relating to electronic discovery, litigation technology, and electronic evidence.

Under his leadership, Alchemy Technology Inc. has explored and conquered new lending verticals integrated new lending technology partners, developing new service lines, and entering areas in traditional banking and community banking.

Alchemy is servicing the greater FinTech industry continually broadening our breadth of lending experience. He also seeks opportunities to expand our capabilities, allowing us to provide a more holistic service offering to our Banking and FinTech clients.

Shawn Kennedy
Chief Executive Officer

Hugely passionate about the FinTech and LegalTech industry, his breadth of knowledge and desire to exceed expectations is at the forefront of his approach to providing superior services to our Banking, Specialty Financing and FinTech clients.

Timothy Li
Rick Russell
Chief Technology Officer
Jason Larson
Principal Systems Architect
JaNall Haynes
Front-End Developer
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