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Home improvement, home energy, solar equipment financing companies are using Alchemy to finance millions of consumers and commercial clients.

Home improvement and solar panel financing involves home owners, installers and lenders. Alchemy has solutions that are tailored to the consumers and various other counter parties. All parties involved have their own portals to access the same contract. Everyone can be kept informed of the progress of the construction job.

We’ve built specific milestone funding mechanisms to fund installers during various stages of construction. The installers or consumers can request funding from the lender.

A solution built for installers and lenders
Alchemy built experiences specifically designed for installer and construction companies to request funding from lenders at various stages of the construction job. The homeowner can also watch the progress of their construction and confirm each stage of the project.

Solar panel and energy equipment finning
Alchemy is working with solar energy financing companies across North America to bring energy financing to millions of Americans. Our clients offer lending solutions for residential customers as well as commercial clients.


How can our solutions improve business in your sector?

  • Financial Services

    Our digital customer onboarding process and our loan management solutions are complete mobile friendly and cloud native. Banks and financial services can service their customer anywhere in the world.

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  • Retail

    Alchemy’s CRM system contains a complete customer contact history, application status, loan repayment functionaries. Retailers and merchants and quickly approve a customer and take payments. We have many Buy Now Pay Later clients using our platform worldwide.

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  • Health and Beauty

    Financing medical procedures and health related treatments are easy on Alchemy’s private labeled financing system. Our patient portal, medical professional’s portal as well as the lender portal are completely designed to suit the need of the the medical financing industry.

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  • Construction

    Alchemy’s home improvement and solar panel financing platform services both residential solar and commercial solar financing companies. We have deep integration with a variety of sales design tools and CRMs.

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