Alchemy FinTech Lending Operating System – Income Sharing Agreement Case Study

Alchemy’s powerful FinTech Lending Operating System has many unique features and functionalities that support a wide range of FinTech concepts and ideas. Income Sharing Agreement is a new concept that’s widely adopted for students that want to either find an alternative education route to boost their careers or for those that want to add to their existing academic records. Income Sharing Agreement of ISA is a brand new way of financing one’s education.

NPR, National Public Radio recently ran a podcast episode on Income Sharing Agreement via their Planet Money Show. Click here to learn more. Episode 903: A New Way To Pay For College

Alchemy ISA - Income Sharing Agreement
Alchemy ISA – Income Sharing Agreement


One of the major benefits of the ISA is that the repayment is indexed based on a person’s income post-graduation. For example, if you make $60,000 post-graduation and your repayment index is set at 10% of your salary, your monthly repayment will be ($60,000 x 10% / 12 months) = $500. If the person loses his or her job the repayment will stop until you are gainfully employed again.  

There are other down-side protections for students:

Usually, there is a minimum salary threshold that if the person doesn’t meet the minimum salary requirement, then the ISA repayment will never kick in until this person find a new job or gets a salary increase that surpasses the minimum salary requirement.

This downside protection is what makes ISA an attractive option for students and a great way to help postgraduates to manage their cash flow moving forward.

Alchemy FinTech Lending Operating System – ISA Edition Includes the following major features:

  • School and Program Profile Settings: Each school can enter an unlimited number of programs. Each program could have different ISA agreements, income index percentages. Starting and End Dates and various benefits and features for students enrolled in that particular program
  • School Administrative Portals: School has the ability to countersign the ISA agreement after the student has accepted the agreement. The school has the ability to set and confirm graduation dates, early terminations, confirmation of employment post-graduation.
  • ISA SaaS Workflow: Agents are able to approve ISA applications. They are able to verify post-graduation employment and income. Make manual and unscheduled payments and various modules to help students to manage their repayment obligations.
  • Student Portal: The student is able to apply ISA under various schools and programs.  The application process is desktop and mobile-friendly. The student is able to digitally sign all of the consents and ISA agreements right in the application process. They have the ability to submit various documents including employment information to kick off their income sharing agreement repayment. And in events when students get a higher salary, the system has the ability to adjust the payment amount based on the agreed-upon ISA %.
  • Payment Management: There are several unique features with respect to the ISA repayment structure. First, it’s the ISA Index %. Repayment is a function of the income student earns post-graduation. Alchemy’s ISA platform automatically adjusts for payment amount when a student or their school submits evidence on their income or employment. The repayment functionality also supports various stop-and-go functionalities. When a student is unemployed or underemployed, the ISA payment stops beblow an agreed threshold. Lastly, if the number of repayments exceeds the total repayment window, the entire ISA stops. This is another down-side protection features that students are raving about.

Alchemy’s overall mission is to energize new FinTech verticals utilizing our white-labeled core lending operating system. Alchemy was able to launch this particular client within 60 days. We designed the website, customized the loan origination and loan management system as well as student and school functionalities to our customer’s requirements.

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