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Alchemy FinTech Infrastructure Platform enables FinTech, Banks and Financial Services to launch with ease.


Alchemy was founded on the belief that technology, analytics and operations should be executed in concert, flawlessly. We founded this company to take away the back office pain points from our clients and enable to the focus on their story.

We deliver our core solution and customized workflow for a variety of financial verticals. Our personal loan, line-of-credit, mechanics financing, construction loans and student loan installations are state of the art. We have developed point-of-sales portals for student aids office and construction offices to qualify and finance customers in real time.

A team of lending, analytics and technology experts

We are not only your technology, analytics and operations solution provider, but we also have deep lending product knowledge that can help you enable automation with advanced work flow and automation.

Out of the box and customized lending software

We spent the past 4 years crafting customer and point of sale experiences in a variety of industries. Based on the foundation of our deep lending experience and real-world implementations, we continuously refine industry-specific underwriting algorithms, workflows, user experience and loan management functionalities.

Our vertical solution in mechanics financing, construction loans and student lending space have the most up to date customer experience and regulatory compliance already built into our software.

How we work (lending software, analytics, operations)

We skip all the sales pitch and go directly into building products with our clients. Demo to launch about a month in most cases. However, our lending engineering staff is ready to customize any workflow for our clients from any lending industry.

As part of our Lending as a Service offering, we have a team of data scientists that can help you develop customized A.I. and/or Machine Learning algorithm that can help you with automated underwriting and pricing. These real-time artificial neural network models can be easily implemented as part of our Alchemy A.I. solution.

Our operations team can also service your portfolio right on our Alchemy Loan Management module. We have a team of highly trained and specialized lending experts that can handle customer service and underwriting. All calls are recorded and training is delivered constantly to adhere to lending regulation.

We have over 25 years of experience lending, software engineering and analytics.
We are passionate about creating the best lending products with our clients.
We offer a full range of Lending as a Service offering from Technology to Analytics.

A Culture of Innovation

At Alchemy, innovation is part of our DNA. Our founders are well-known industry thought leaders that solved some of the most difficult technology and analytic issues within large banks, online lenders, and speciality financing firms. Leverage our technology, analytics, and operational expertise to launch your product with ease.

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The Alchemy team is founded by industry leaders who uphold our commitment to innovation, quality, and long-lasting relationships.

Whether you are a 150-year-old bank or a newly minted FinTech startup, our team of engineers, analytics and lending professionals are standing by to help to launch new products, new ideas and new finance verticals.

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