FinTech Infrastructure Company Alchemy Welcomes Software Engineer Tejendra Singh

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by Alchemy

Alchemy Technologies an award winning FinTech infrastructure company welcomes Tejendra Singh to our team in our brand new Chennai India office.

Alchemy Technologies, Irvine, CA, an award winning FinTech infrastructure company, welcomes Tejendra Singh to our team in our brand new Chennai, India office.

Tejendra graduated from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College with a Bachelor of Technology degree in 2020. While in school, he learned HTML, CSS. He also received JavaScript training from NARESH i Technologies in Hyperbad.

Excellent student:

Tejendra graduated top of his class in Army Public School, Kanpur and received his Computer Science and Engineering degree from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College. He worked on various personal project in school including:

  • Whatssap Clone using MERN Stack where he used Pusher and MeterialUI. He also used Node, Express.js as the backbone of his application and leveraging MongoDB as the database of choice.
  • Chat-App using Socket.IO, Node and Express.js. This app lets multkple users connect simultaneously to chat and chat history is stored in local db.
  • NetFlix, Spotify and Facebook clone using React, Context-API and MERN-Stack.

Football Champion

Tejendra excelled at Football as well, winning silver and gold medalist at various regional and state level competitions.

Tejandra is a high spirited and well rounded software engineer. He’s a great add to our team and already performing with rest of his team maters at Alchemy Chennai office. Welcome to the team.

About Alchemy

Alchemy is an embedded financing software company that powers FinTech, Merchants and Banks with an end-to-end cloud native experience. Our award-winning lending software provides a full package of powerful software modules, including our digital customer onboarding process, real time underwriting, loan servicing and management, real time payments gateway, customer and merchant communications, collections modules and many more.