FinTech Infrastructure Company Alchemy Welcomes Software Engineer, Jagadeesan Subbiramanian

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by Alchemy

Alchemy Technologies an award winning FinTech infrastructure company welcomes Jagadeesan Subbiramanian to our team in our brand new Chennai India office

Alchemy Technologies, Irvine, CA, an award winning FinTech infrastructure company, welcomes Jagadeesan Subbiramanian “Jag” to our team in our brand new Chennai, India office.

Graduated from Loyola College with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in 2016, Since graduation, Jagadeesan has been working in the software development industry ever since.

Fast growing career:

Jag started his career in Chennai and worked as a graphics Designer with Optimista Technologies started in 2016 after graduation. Jag was promoted shortly as a Web Developer at Optimista and continued to serve them for the next year and a half.

For the past 3 years, Jag continued his career at White House Business Solutions as a Web Developer where he honed in his skills in JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JSP.

Full Stack of Skills:

Jag’s natural curiosity drove him to study languages and frameworks such as jQuery, Angular, Codeigniter, Spring Boot. He’s familiar with Linux, Windows environment. He’s also familiar with some of the older languages such as Java, C++, C and Python.

Jag also interested in embedded systems as well such as IoT. and Cyber Security.

Cool Projects:

ITO – I am the One (Browser Extension) – Check it out here. This is a tool that can be used to inject your javascript code into any website like a browser console.

Meshed Minds Creative – This is a YouTube like product that hosts private videos with an easy sign up process with google account API and video management control panels. You can check it out here.

Jag is an energetic and intelligent programmer that thinks out side of the box and have already created many of the features needed to strengthen our overall platform. Welcome to the team!

About Alchemy

Alchemy is an embedded financing software company that powers FinTech, Merchants and Banks with an end-to-end cloud native experience. Our award-winning lending software provides a full package of powerful software modules, including our digital customer onboarding process, real time underwriting, loan servicing and management, real time payments gateway, customer and merchant communications, collections modules and many more.