Remitter Announces Partnership with Alchemy

Remitter Announces Partnership with Alchemy October 29, 2020Leave a comment

Today, amidst all that’s going around us, we partnered up Remitter.

One of the best payment-tech companies around when it comes to delivery technology to the masses that makes sense. We had the opportunity to meet with Remitter at the Lendit 2020 virtual conference this year and their technology truly blown us away.

Their mobile-friendly technology truly puts consumers in control when it comes to making payments. Their artificial intelligence tool analyzes usage patterns and follows through with text and emails to simplify and gamify user experience.

We couldn’t be more pleased with Remitter’s support and enterprise partnership team. Their willingness to spend time with us on both the technology and business front is refreshing.

Alchemy is all about delivering the best tools for our customers and having Remitter at our side, our customers will finally able to solve the “last mile” issues when it comes to payment tools that are nonintrusive and easy to use.

Download our press release below and feel free to reach out to either firm if you are interested.

Remitter Announces Partnership with Alchemy

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