Alchemy Launches Online Lead Generation Platform With MaxDecisions

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by Alchemy

Alchemy Technologies, (“Alchemy”) a Fintech Infrastructure Company announces today the launch of their next generation of lead generation platform with its sister company MaxDecisions.

Alchemy and MaxDecisions release the next generation of lead generation platforms to manage and filter leads with two online lead generators “leadgens”. The platform automates entire lead generation flow from sourcing the publisher’s leads to Alchemy’s full loan origination system.

Alchemy‘s robust lead generation platform runs on in-memory database which allows its system to process thousands of leads a minute. Working with subprime and prime credit bureaus, Alchemy has implemented the latest generation of lead generation underwriting models provided by its sister company MaxDecisions.

Alchemy’s Lead Generation Platform has the following features and functionalities:

  • Real-time connectivity to all major lead generators
  • Real-time feedback mechanism to bid for leads
  • Ability to run block lists and filters in real time
  • Cross lead gen de-dupe logic
  • Weekend, Holiday controls
  • Connectivity to all major prime and subprime bureaus
  • Full integration to Alchemy’s Loan Origination and Loan Management System
  • State of the art underwriting rules, machine learning algorithms from MaxDecisions
  • Campaign management

The combination of technology and analytics from Alchemy and MaxDecisions provide our clients with the latest user experience as well as best in class underwriting algorithms.

Our clients are experiencing 1-2% buy rate with 30-40% conversion rate and less than 10% First Payment Default rate with a single subprime credit bureau.

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About Alchemy
Alchemy is a world-first fintech infrastructure company offering out-of-the-box technology, algorithms, and services to launch financial products for Banks, Specialty Financing Companies, Point of Sale Financing, and FinTech startups alike. Our leasing solution reduces the barrier to entry and brings tremendous value both in our software and industry know-how. Our end-to-end infrastructure offering includes end-user experience, merchant experience, loan origination system, decision engine, loan management system, payment gateways, and secondary market access. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About MaxDecisions
MaxDecisions is industry leading analytics company leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver unparalleled results in direct mail marketing, credit risk modeling as well as risk-based pricing and portfolio management algorithms. Our mission is to remove the barrier of entry for financial institutions large or small to access best in class analytics that delivers results. With over 20 data scientists, mathematicians and statisticians, we strive to deliver best in class analytical models to clients world wide.