Alchemy welcomes David Stanbro

Alchemy welcomes David Stanbro June 20, 2020Leave a comment

From the desk of the CEO:

For those of us who worked in the alternative finance industry in the past decade, David Stanbro is a household name. David will be joining Alchemy as it’s Sales and Account Executive. Helping me to manage our fast-growing customer base.

David and I have known each other for over 10 years. He started his lending career with Clarity Services (now part of Experian) at the very beginning. David has been the measuring stick for our industry. He’s always told the truth and delivers on his promises.

David has always helped me throughout my career and I’ve always looked up to the man. He and his family were also kind to me and my as well. I remembered that during one of the industry conferences, I brought my young kids with me for a whale-watching event. Linda, David’s wife bought every one of my kids a whale-watching chart. You know the kind that has all the whales and sea creatures on one page, laminated and all.

I’ve always wanted to work with Dave and the opportunity family came recently and I just had to call him. A few exchanges later, he took a chance on this burgeoning fintech startup.

I look forward to learning from David Stanbro for many years to come and I hope we all live up to his standards1

Welcome aboard, David


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