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Behind The Apply Button Episode 13 – “Make a Payment Button v2.0”

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by Alchemy

Alchemy is proud to announce today of our next generation Make Payment button.

Available today, our enhanced Make Payment feature is available for all customers on our lending operating system. After months of development, was are unveiling a more intelligent and connected Make Payment feature that works seamlessly with any payment gateway and our native automated payment schedule as well as our Collections Module:

Make Payment 2.0 ~ Main Features Include:

  • Intelligently connected to customer repayment history
  • Awareness of late payment
  • Able to track all late interest (accrued and late accrued)
  • Able to make a single scheduled payment
  • Able to make a catch-up payment to repay all late interest and principal
  • Able to pay off the entire loan
  • Able to forgive late accrued interest
  • Able to make any payment amount
  • Able to schedule a payment
  • Able to choose different bank accounts to process scheduled payment
  • Preview before and after the payment is applied
  • Preview payment schedule of all subsequent payments

If you are interested in a demo, please contact us.