Alchemy Welcomes Jeremy Wu – Web Developer Intern

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by Alchemy

Alchemy welcomes Jeremy Wu as our newest web developer intern.

Jeremy will be joining our Plano, TX headquarters with the rest of our Dallas team. Working together with Bob Gao, Tim Zhu, and Bill Yuan.

Alchemy is growing at breakneck speed to keep up the demand for digitization of lending. The demand for our software and infrastructure has quadrupled in the past few months in light of COVID19. Many of the lenders and financial services companies are accelerating their digitization plan and we are here to help them to get online as quickly as possible.

The University of Texas at Dallas

We have hired many graduates from UT Dallas with great success. We are pleased to find another talented individual to join our ranks. Jeremy comes to us with a B.S. degree in Computer Science. Graduated in late 2018, Jeremy has had various internships honing in his skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Mongo DB.

We are glad that he’s part of the Alchemy team to help us to expand our onboarding capacity.

Prior Projects

Jeremy worked many fun projects such as building web pages for Movie Theatres, building games to teach cybersecurity topics as well as working on joint projects between UT Dallas and Raytheon Corporation.


Jeremy comes to us with strong knowledge in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, MongoDB, and JQUERY. We looking forward to many years of success with Jeremy. Welcome home.