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A Real List of PPP (Payroll Protection Program) Lenders and Banks – Updated 4/26/2020

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by Alchemy

A Real List of PPP Lenders and Banks - Payroll Protection Program

I am starting a curated and vetted list of lenders and banks that don’t jerk you around for the PPP (Payroll Protection Program). Please leave a comment or send me a note if your lender/bank is missing from the list.

As of 4/15/2020, 90% of PPP has been depleted. We are hoping that the United States government will pass another stimulus bill to help small businesses across America.

As of 4/21/2020, another $450 billion dollars has been approved by congress. Big banks are being sued for shuffling PPP applications to favor those with bigger loans to make more processing fees.

Updated: 4/26/2020 – 8:00PM PST

  1. TCF – Source: A close friend. Loan size $3mm – Loan number received and prom note forthcoming.
  2. Lendio Source: Confidential. Loan size $800k. And another lender got their loans funded
  3. SunWest Bank Source: Two close friends. Loan size approximately $100k and local restaurants in the millions.
  4. Handcock Whitney Source: a close friend
  5. LiveOak Source: A few industry and personal friends. Confirmation within a week. Loans are in the millions.
  6. Bank of Tempa Source: An industry friend. Received loan already
  7. ApplePie Capital: Source: An industry friend. Received SBA Loan number.
  8. Seacoast Commerce Bank Source: An industry friend. $120k loan funded.
  9. Cross River Bank Source: A close friend. Signed contract. The loan document has been received $340,000.
  10. City National Bank Source: Two friends in the industry vouched for them.
  11. Texas Capital Bank Source: Finance industry CEO
  12. BBVA Compass via their SBA center in Austin. Source: A close friend. Loan funded.
  13. Guaranty Bank in Dallas TX. Source: Linkedin Member

Useful Tools:

  1. IRS Covid19 Stimulus Check Status Status [This might be useful to send to your furloughed employees] : Click Here