Behind The Apply Button Episode 11 – “The Next 90 Days: Women are the real victims of Covid19”

Behind The Apply Button Episode 11 – “The Next 90 Days: Women are the real victims of Covid19” March 25, 20201 Comment

When it comes to household finances, women traditionally are the ones responsible. Today, I helped a few of our clients planning ahead their marketing and credit risk strategies in light of Covid19. I can’t but think of this important statistic.

Women are the real victims of Covid19

Schools, daycares are all closed. Every household has their kids at home and yet we ask our women to keep on working their day time jobs telephonically. The double standard is buried again, no one is talking about the silent victim in this crisis. We expect them to work twice as hard, again.

Where are the men?

Men are hiding in their offices because we can’t deal with kids. We can’t spend more than 10 minutes around kids without getting agitated and Covid19 is the perfect excuse. We don’t think of the burden our women are carrying/suffering through this crisis, maybe we are willfully ignorant of the additional burden they are carrying for the past two weeks.

Men, do the following:

  • Go home on time. Be home by 5:30. Your wife has been working from home, dealing with young kids and she is probably losing her mind.
  • Take out the garbage. Get those trash cans on the street. It takes 2 minutes and you get a bit of a workout.
  • Call your spouse. A little bit of a distraction helps.
  • Run to the store and pick up necessities (please practice social distancing).
  • Spend time with your kids and give you spouse a break from a double shift

Social pressure

Some might argue that men and women are fulfilling different roles in society and in the household, but no one wrote the book on who should shoulder the additional burden during this time of crisis.

I haven’t heard a single mother complaining. Because they are tough and our better half. We will fight through this virus. But let’s not let the real victim of Covid19 be our women.


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  1. Thank you Tim for your thoughts. As a mother of 4 it is stressful to not know what tomorrow holds for not just me and my husband but also our children on top of not knowing what I may bring home working in the healthcare field. I value the flexibility and changes my husband and I agreed upon to be able to homeschool our children and for us to continue working our fulltime jobs. Great insight! Hopefully every household who is experiencing this change can make the best of it.

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