Alchemy Technologies Welcomes David Barrett – Web Developer

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by Alchemy

We want to welcome a new addition to our UI/UX team! David Barrett joins us from DevMountain and BYU.

David is all about creativity and design. Taken from his LinkedIn Profile:

“Growing up in Littleton, CO, I bounced around interests, participating in sports, music, and the arts. This has fueled my thirst to understand the world around me as I’ve explored marketing, design, and video animation. After following an ever-growing tech-obsession into the world of coding, I’ve finally found a career that satisfies my need for constant discovery, empowerment, and growth. My diverse background has given me a unique ability to see the big picture, allowing me to resourcefully solve problems, seize opportunities, and adapt to my surroundings in private and team-based work.”

Check out some of his designs at

Welcome, David!