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Alchemy Exhibits at InsideCredit Conference, San Antonio Feb 17-20, 2020

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by Alchemy

Alchemy will be demonstrating its point of sale financing software to the attendees this year. Please come by our booth and our staff would be happy to demo our fully hosted lending software. 

We have landed in San Antonio, Texas, the home of this year’s InsideCredit Conference, one of the premier alternative lending conferences in the U.S.

Alternative lending often described as non-prime lending. There are over 60% of U.S. consumers don’t have access to prime credit and living from paycheck to paycheck. Banks and credit card issuers won’t offer any credit to those that have a less than 660 FICO score.

If a consumer missed a payment obligation to their car, mortgage or credit card payments, FICO score calculation will penalize the consumer without any context. Sometimes it might take a consumer 6 months to a year to repair their credit while dealing with emergency situations.

A number of alternative credit financial companies run on Alchemy’s core lending software. Our full end to end solution is fully customizable. Whether you want to run your point of sale financing offerings by giving access to your merchants to onboard customers or run daily ACH payments to support small business lending, our system can handle it all with ease.

Missed us at the show? Don’t worry, for more information, please email