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Behind The Apply Button – Income Share Agreement – Alchemy Technologies December 7, 2019Leave a comment

Hello new readers and welcome back to those that follow my blog.


My name is Timothy Li, founder of Alchemy and a fan of all things FinTech. I grew up in banking, lending, and financial services. I’ve been in technology, analytics, and product management most of my life. I worked at large banks such as JPMorgan Chase as well scale ups like RealtyMogul.

Four years ago, I began a venture to create a FinTech infrastructure company to let FinTech startups, banks and financial services to launch their product efficiently and completely remove the barrier to entry for anyone that wants to try their hands in lending and payments.

I believe in delivering best in class FinTech infrastructure to all corners of the world and to lower the cost of financing for everyone.

Episode 5 – Income Share Agreement

A few months ago, we made an announcement with our partner Meratas to launch a brand new Income share agreement platform that will redefine the education finance space and beyond.

An income share agreement (or ISA) is a financial structure in which an individual or organization provides something of value (often a fixed amount of money) to a recipient who, in exchange, agrees to pay back a percentage of their income for a fixed number of years.

Income share agreement is the education space a whole new way for anyone to gain knowledge, skillsets and upskill themselves without having to worry about finding ways to find money to pay for their tuition.

It’s a catch 22 for many learners that want to gain knowledge but doesn’t have the funds to cover their tuition because they needed to skills to make additional income to start with. This paradoxical situation has been holding  many people back from learning a new skillset.


One of these schools, preHIRED is making waves in training people to use new tools, methods and scientific approach to selling is

leveraging income share agreement to help thousands of students to learn a new skillset. PreHired’s Science-Based Sale

s® certification program takes people without any prior sales experience and equipped them with tools such as salesforce, LinkedIn, social media tools and time management tools to create a repeatable workflow and approach to enterprise sales. Take a look at their curriculum here.

Schools such as preHIRED is an important part of our education system and there are at least 100+ schools now in the United States that teaches new skills to anyone that’s willing to learn a new skill and some of these schools are leveraging ISAs to lower the barrier to entry to many that are looking to better themselves.


WynCode – The Art of Code

WynCode is another school b

ased in Miami, FL teaching people to become UI/UX programmers and full stack engineers. These skillsets often aren’t though in traditional colleges and don’t necessary need four years to learn. These three months programs will get you up and running an

d start programming.

According to Hacker Rank, there will be 1 million programming jobs unfilled in 2020! You should seriously consider learning a new skillset and get paid. With income share agreement, there’s nothing to lose.

Final Thoughts

I get at least one call a week with folks that have great ideas. They may not realize they want to build a FinTech product and could be on the cusp of reinventing a whole new class of financial products, but with our help, they can get their within 60 days, often at no startup cost.

Let’s work together and create innovative solutions together. Email me at or send me a Linkedin Message with your ideas!

We announced our big partnership with Plaid which we are super excited about. See press release here. Our press release with Meratas in income share agreement can be found here.

Lastly, we are partners with Equifax. Leverage our white labeled platform, we can get you launched in 30 days.



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