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Behind The Apply Button – “SaaS on SaaS on SaaS” – Alchemy Technologies November 27, 2019Leave a comment

Hello new readers and welcome back to those that follow my blog.


My name is Timothy Li, founder of Alchemy and a fan of all things FinTech. I grew up in banking, lending, and financial services. I’ve been in technology, analytics, and product management most of my life. I worked at large banks such as JPMorgan Chase as well scale ups like RealtyMogul.

Four years ago, I began a venture to create a FinTech infrastructure company to let FinTech startups, banks and financial services to launch their product efficiently and completely remove the barrier to entry for anyone that wants to try their hands in lending and payments.

I believe in delivering best in class FinTech infrastructure to all corners of the world and to lower the cost of financing for everyone.

Episode 4 – “SaaS on SaaS on SaaS”

Welcome to the third installment of my blog titled “SaaS on SaaS on SaaS”. As you can probably tell by now, I enjoy what I do. The best part about my job is talking to my clients. My clients are my inspiration to keep on refining and enhance our infrastructure. SaaS stands for Software as a Service for those uninitiated. It’s a concept where a software platform can serve many clients at once. Think Dropbox as an example. And of course, our FinTech infrastructure software is no exception. It’s another SaaS platform.

The ah-ha moment!

One of my recent aha moments is that my clients started offering their solution as their SaaS platform onto of our SaaS infrastructure. I absolutely love and encourage this idea. Our platform offers unlimited number of merchants and retailers of any kind to have their own login/website and have their own backend command-center to control their applications and deal flows…

Naturally, some of my clients are offering this to their clients and collecting a SaaS fee! It’s genius!

I am constantly inspired at how innovative my clients are and I am very thankful for their patience, attitude and flexibility in working with us. We have created some of the most innovative solutions and modules together. We have so much to work on and the sky is the limit. Email me at or send me a Linkedin Message with your ideas!

My vision

This “SaaS on SaaS” usage model hits right at the core of my vision. I want to enable creative entrepreneurs to leverage our platform and create their SaaS platform do whatever they please to conquer the world.

When I started Alchemy, my singular vision is to complete destroy barrier to entry for anyone that wants to try their hand in finance without having to worry about back office infrastructure such as Customer Relationship Management, Lending Platform, Payment Processing and Merchant Management.

In addition, we also offer marketing and analytics services for our clients to get started with minimal cost. Everyone deserves a chance to try their hand in lending or point of sale financing.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a crazy three weeks. I traveled to New York, Oklahoma and met with some of the most innovative companies in the U.S.

We announced our big partnership with Plaid which we are super excited about. See press release here. I am talking to partners from Middle East and Africa that will bring about some exciting opportunities to all parts of the world. Until next time, stay curious. Email me.



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