Alchemy Welcomes Bob Gao – UT Dallas Computer Science

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by Alchemy

Alchemy welcomes our newest team member Bob Gao.

Bob was recruited from University of Texas Dallas computer sciences department to provide additional resources to further enhance Alchemy’s next generation lending operating system.

Bob completed his bachelors degree in Computer Science from University of Texas at Dallas.  Bob is currently pursuing his maters degree in Computer Science at UT Dallas.

Recently, Bob led a team of students to compete in Spring 2019 UTDesign CS Expo and won the to prize. Out of 52 teams competed during the showcase, Bob’s team received the 1st place award. Their capstone project is titled “State Farm – Drivelytics v2.0”.

The project goal was to enhance Drivelytics 1.0 app from the Fall 2018 semester. The Drivelytics 2.0 app features an enhanced scoring algorithm, a new acceleration detection method, and detailed data upload. Enhancements also included new distracted driving detection methods, and weather parameters used to score the user’s driving habits. The enhanced scoring algorithm factors in weather, sound, phone tilt, keyboard usage and parameters such as speeding, construction, and traffic from Team B. Extra features implemented are weather widget, trip rating, safe driving video, and sweepstake entry.

Authors: (from the left) Steven Kirtzic (State Farm Corporate Mentor), Victor Mao, Hoang Dang, Edward Yang, Bob Gao, Einar Longva, Zongzhe Li, Tran Nguyen, Dalton Sherer