Alchemy Appoints Blake Coler-Dark to Its Board of Advisors

Alchemy Appoints Blake Coler-Dark to Its Board of Advisors July 12, 2019Leave a comment

Pleasant Grove, UT (June 12th, 2019) – For Immediate Release – Alchemy Technology, Inc., industry-leading lending as a service organization today announces the appointment of fintech executive Blake Coler-Dark to its Board of Advisors.

Blake Coler-Dark is the Founder and President of Fusion Network, a private Capital Markets firm. Blake has extensive experience in working with alternative investments and was an early adopter to marketplace lending and investing. His background spans across banking, credit, insurance, and both debt and equity investments.

Blake served as Chief Investor Relations Officer at FundersClub, the world’s first online venture capital firm and a leader in early-stage technology startups. Blake also served as the Managing Director of FCVC Advisors, the family office and institutional unit of FundersClub where he focused on capital raising and investor outreach. Prior to joining FundersClub, Blake led Investor Relations, Fundraising and Marketing at Echelon Asset Management and before that, served as Investor Executive for the pre-IPO team at Lending Club (NYSE: LC) and LC Advisors, helping to raise and service the first $4 Billion of investor capital.

Prior to spearheading roles in both debt and equity marketplaces, Blake grew and managed over $280 Million assets under management serving 600 clients for Bank of America’s Global Wealth Investment Management team. Blake’s understanding of the credit markets and operations began while holding various roles with Homecomings Financial, Countrywide Specialty Lending Group, and New Century Mortgage.

Blake holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara.

We are pleased to have Blake join our advisory board to further shape the FinTech industry and taking Alchemy Lending Operating System to the next level. Blake will be providing valuable insights into the global FinTech landscape and work with Alchemy executives to expand our market share.

Alchemy’s Advisory Board currently consist of Ron Symon, FinTech Product and Marketing veteran.

FinTech’s Future and Growth

“In the late 2000’s we saw Marketplace Lending 1.0 companies such as Prosper and Lending Club leverage technology to begin the unbundling of the bank – starting with consumer loans. The past decade has flourished with new FinTech sectors being created and the beginning of the re-bundling of some banks as they embrace technology to retain clients who expect frictionless financing and superior service. Alchemy’s experienced team builds the lending platforms of the next generation FinTechs while enabling banks and alternative lenders to launch online faster so they can offer new products, grow and exceed their client demands.” – Blake Coler-Dark


“Blake and I met in Hongkong, China a few years ago and we have always been in touch with each other’s careers and progress. I value Blake as a friend and a confidant. We are incredibly lucky to have Blake joining us as an advisor to further enhance our product offerings to the FinTech and Banking marketplace. I am looking forward to be working with Blake for years go come.” – Timothy Li, Founder of Alchemy.

A History of Innovation

We are constantly evaluating the best set of tools to integrate with Alchemy Lending Operating System. Whether it is third party databases or other algorithmic-based companies, we constantly looking in ways to help our clients to solve the most difficult issues at hand.

If you are interested in building new and innovative solutions with us, please send me an email or email We would love to speak with you.


Our singular vision is to enable the next generation of FinTech evolution with domain knowledge, technology, artificial neural network algorithm, and compliance-driven serving call center to deliver the best product experience for our clients, their partners and ultimately consumers.

About Alchemy Technology, Inc.

Alchemy Technology Inc. is industry-first lending as a service company offering our of the box technology, algorithms and servicing to launch FinTech products for FinTech startups, specialty financing companies and Banks alike. Our vertical workflow specializes in Student Lending and Home Improvement spaces. Our technology offering includes website / mobile app, loan origination system, decision engine, loan management system, payment gateways, and secondary market access.

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