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Alchemy Partners with Stripe July 9, 2019Leave a comment

Pleasant Grove, UT (June 9th, 2019) – For Immediate Release – Alchemy Technology, Inc., industry-leading lending as a service organization today announce the full integration and partnership with Stripe to further enhance Alchemy Lending Operation System’s payment gateway options for its ecosystem.

The latest integration with Stripe provides additional payment options for our clients in the student lending, point of sale and personal finance spaces. Over the past decade, Stripe has made payments easier with its robust set of APIs that brings real-time payments and transactional transparency to the modern age.

We are pleased with the performance of Stripe’s infrastructure, it’s gateway responsiveness and precision. Stripe’s uptime is close to 100% and we have always been able to track every payment for our clients on the Stripe network.

Payment Gateways

One of the most important parts of the FinTech ecosystem is its complex network of payments rails and providers. From VISA, Mastercard to various ACH (Automated Clearing House) providers, it’s easy to get lost with which payment solutions provider one should use.

Most of the time, it’s an afterthought for many lenders and FinTech entrance to select their payment provider. Some go with a bank as their payment provider but they are subjected to a year-long due diligence process. Others go with payment gateways that require manual input or flat-file transmissions that don’t live up to the technology standards of today.

And depending on the product which lenders are offering to the general population, their product and services may deem to be unfit for many payment gateways and solutions providers and therefore left with little to no choice to provide payments to their end consumers.

Alchemy always works with our clients to pick the best payment providers that fit their need.

Use Cases

If you are a point of sale providers and need to process payments from your partners to access your lending platform, Stripe could be a great option to draw a monthly fee via their corporate credit card.

If you are FinTech player charging a monthly membership fee to your clients to use your product and services, using Alchemy’s Stripe integration, you can seamlessly process those membership payments with your end customer’s credit card.

If you are a FinTech player with retailers that need to get paid on a frequent basis. Alchemy’s Stripe integration can process push payments via their Connected Account to transact via ACH.

Growth and Partnership

Providing options for our FinTech clients is our ultimate goal at Alchemy. We are constantly integration with data partners, infractures players to enable more seemless transactions for our clients. Each partners we select adds value to our client’s customer onboarding process, underwriting efficiency, customer or loan management experience and payments solutions.

The Alchemy and Stripe partnership is another step towards making technology available for traditional banks, community banks, finance companies, and upstart FinTechs to compete in today;s market. Our goal is to make “Tech” in FinTech available to everyone.

A History of Innovation

We are constantly evaluating the best set of tools to integrate with Alchemy Lending Operating System. Whether it is third party databases or other algorithmic-based companies, we constantly looking in ways to help our clients to solve the most difficult issues at hand.

If you are interested in building new and innovative solutions with us, please send me an email or email We would love to speak with you.


Our singular vision is to enable the next generation of FinTech evolution with domain knowledge, technology, artificial neural network algorithm, and compliance-driven serving call center to deliver the best product experience for our clients, their partners and ultimately consumers.

About Alchemy Technology, Inc.

Alchemy Technology Inc. is industry-first lending as a service company offering our of the box technology, algorithms and servicing to launch FinTech products for FinTech startups, specialty financing companies and Banks alike. Our vertical workflow specializes in Student Lending and Home Improvement spaces. Our technology offering includes website / mobile app, loan origination system, decision engine, loan management system, payment gateways, and secondary market access.

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