Alchemy Is Redefining How FinTech Products Are Launched

Alchemy Is Redefining How FinTech Products Are Launched April 7, 2019Leave a comment

Alchemy, Redefining How FinTech Products Are Launched

Alchemy Exhibits at Lendit FinTech Conference 2019, San Francisco, CA. April 7-9th 2019.

Alchemy is an industry leading lending as a service organization that offers lending operating system, high end analytics and service to FinTech startups, socially financing companies and banks to launch new and innovative online products.

Alchemy’s point of sale system is enabling a whole new class of FinTech enabled products to allow anyone to quickly launch their solution in the most cost effective way.

If you are an established bank that wants to offer new products and services to your existing clients, Alchemy can help you to launch your own personal installment loan, home improvement financing products without having any involvement of your current IT infrastructure of staff.

Redefine How FinTech Products Are Launched

If you are a FinTech startup that wants to focus on customer acquisition and customer experience. Alchemy and help you with all of your back office needs including launch and maintaining a state of the art Loan Origination System, Decision Engine and Loan Management System. Our clients don’t have to write a single line of code or integrate with any third party services. Alchemy will design, launch your website or iOS app all the way to making sure payments are routined to and from your customers accurately.

Our vision is to redefine how FinTech products are launched. You no longer have to think about setting up a technology team, creating an analytics division or maintaining a fully compliant servicing team. Alchemy’s full ranges of services can help you launch quickly.

New FinTech Point of Sales – Out of the Box Solution is Here

To the new breed of B2B2C FinTech startups. Alchemy’s Point of Sales system enables your network to go out to their customer base to get the next homeowners to be qualified for a home improvement loan. They can go and sign up another student to use your services. Focus on energizing your network of partners, installers to drive traffic to your lending platform. Alchemy’s Point of Sales system will take care of rest.

Your network of affiliates can track the progression of their own leads and you can fan out customer on-boarding tasks to your network to reduce the amount of work needed at the back office. Focus on driving traffic and not manage technology. We believe Alchemy will redefine how FinTech companies will head to in the near future.

FinTech VCs Rejoice

FinTech VCs can take a load off their shoulders with their newly funded FinTech startups. Instead of putting millions of dollars and years at risk, Alchemy can partner with you to launch your new startup with minimal risk. If ideas don’t pan out, pivot quickly using our technology and get on the right path.

Alchemy will reduce FinTech VC risk by providing the entire Technology, Analytics and Servicing and our out of the box solution to quickly launch for your portfolio companies.

Banks Can Do Too

Alchemy’s management team and architects have years of experience working with banks. We understand that banks want to compete in today’s online environment but may not have the resources to allocate to new products and programs.

Alchemy’s solutions are completely white labeled for this purpose. We will take care of design to launch without any involvement from banks current IT staff or infrastructure. If you want to laugh a SunTrust’s LightStream product, we can get you launched a matter of months, soup to nuts.

Our Mission

Alchemy’s mission is simple. We are here to launch the next wave of consumer finance products for Banks, FinTech startups and to help specialty financing companies to go online with the latest set of technology, analytics and servicing team.

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