Alchemy Partners with TransUnion Launching “Instant Pre-Screen” with TransUnion DecisionEdge Technology

Alchemy Partners with TransUnion Launching “Instant Pre-Screen” with TransUnion DecisionEdge Technology May 14, 2017Leave a comment

Pleasant Grove, UT (May 14th, 2019) – For Immediate Release – Alchemy Technology, Inc., industry-leading lending as a service organization today announces full integration with TransUnion’s “Instant Pre-Screen” product via TransUnion’s DecisionEdge technology. TransUnion is a leading consumer credit reporting agency.

Instant Pre-screen

Up until today, the only way to conduct pre-screen campaigns is through a batch process. Pre-screens are usually used and reserved for offline Direct Mail marketing campaigns. Where the lenders purchase lists from credit bureaus and run their algorithm to select those they want to advertise to. This process sometimes takes months to complete, but the benefit of pre-screen campaigns is that the lender has direct access to credit bureau reports at the individual consumer level.

Through TransUnion’s DecisionEdge “Instant Prescreen” product, lenders can screen real-time leads in a pre-screen compliant fashion that has the following benefits:

  • Not a credit application initiated by the consumer
  • Posts a soft inquiry
  • Does not require ECOA adverse action
  • Requires a firm offer of credit provided

Perhaps the biggest benefit to banks, financial services, and FinTech players is the fact that you are not required to send an adverse action notification if the client does not meet your underwriting criteria.

Why is this important?

For lenders that buy leads from affiliate networks and lead generators, you can now use TransUnion’s DecisionEdge Instant Prescreen through Alchemy Lending Operating System screen for leads without having to send an adverse action notification. And you get to take advantage of TransUnion’s vast amount of credit information as the first line of defense to make that “Buy”, “No Buy” decision.

For Point of Sale financial services companies, you can screen as many as potential clients when they are in your merchant offices shopping for products and services without explicit consent to pull credit.

Alchemy + TransUnion

Our Alchemy Operating System continues to integrate with best in class data and analytic providers and staying on the cutting edge of today’s FinTech solutions. Our solution with TransUnion’s latest DecisionEdge Instant Pre-Screen offering will energize the next generation of FinTech products. We are product to have work with some of the best engineers and product managers at TransUnion

If you would like to take advantage of the latest innovation between Alchemy and TransUnion, please write to us at

A History of Innovation

We are constantly evaluating the best set of tools to integrate with the Alchemy Lending Operating System. Whether it is third party databases or other algorithmic-based companies, we constantly looking in ways to help our clients to solve the most difficult issues at hand.

If you are interested in building new and innovative solutions with us, please send me an email or email We would love to speak with you.


Our singular vision is to enable the next generation of FinTech evolution with domain knowledge, technology, artificial neural network algorithm, and compliance-driven serving call center to deliver the best product experience for our clients, their partners and ultimately consumers.

About Alchemy Technology, Inc.

Alchemy Technology Inc. is an industry-first lending as a service company offering our of the box technology, algorithms and servicing to launch FinTech products for FinTech startups, specialty financing companies and Banks alike. Our vertical workflow specializes in Student Lending, and Home Improvement spaces. Our technology offering includes website / mobile app, loan origination system, decision engine, loan management system, payment gateways, and secondary market access.

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